Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another TP Cover

I think I like Kitsch-y stuff!! :-D Ever since I joined the Kitsch CAL, I had been thinking about that tp cover I made when my husband and I got our first apartment together. Technically we weren't married yet (we got married when our first son was about four and a half months old). So this was about 17 years ago, Fall of 1991 sometime?.... I had decorated our bathroom in hunter green and burgundy. Our shower curtain was 'Victorian Rose' (Or that's what I liked to call it, anyway--hence the name 'Victorian Rose TP Cover'....). I had the toilet tank and seat cover, the bathroom rug that went around the toilet.... :P And I crocheted a toilet paper cover to match. The only thing I have left of it, is a picture of it on the back of the toilet, laying flat. All I could see was the bottom ruffle. But I remember I had some kind of rose on the top of it (I was really into making rose doilies at the time). So last night I finally finished re-creating one. I had to do it to get it out of my system. :P It doesn't go in any of our bathrooms, or anywhere in my house, matter of fact. I just made it up. Whatchya think? I posted the pattern on my pattern blog, if anyone is interested. I wanted to do one up in colors for my bathroom (that would freak my husband out LOL!!). I need to get some off-white though instead of the white....

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