Friday, January 02, 2009

Afghan(s) Progress....

I got to work on the Noah's Ark Afghan for my nephew a lot yesterday. We took a long drive to the Hoover Dam. I worked on it on the way (and on the way back, until it got too dark). I got a lot done. :-D I measured it width wise. It is exactly 36 inches wide. For some reason that makes me so happy. I frogged it in the beginning because 29" wide just didn't seem big enough. I would like it to be big enough that he can use it well into his toddler years. So I added a few reps (after some major brainwork that gave me a headache... lol just kidding. I had a headache anyway...) and it turned out perfect.

I also worked on the Spiderman afghan a little bit yesterday. Got the red section done, the black row, and started the blue section. I think after these last two blue sections, it might be done! So, 17 more rows to go. Yay.

Don't know why the photo is blurry here. Hmmm.... It wasn't blurry on my camera, or when I uploaded it to my computer or to Ravelry. It is one of those weird things, I guess.... Maybe it is blogger. Anyway. I hope you are all having a great day. Gotta go, he keeps coming around the corner and I'm gonna blow it!!

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