Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Pair of Slippers, Another Pair of Socks, And I Got A New Doll

Ruby's slippers, of course. :-) I love this pattern. Done in 'Warm Brown' and 'Cherry Chip' yuuuum.... :P

And another pair of the fastest socks in the west. :P I lost the label for this yarn so I don't know what it is but I think it will be for a girl. My son wears his to bed.
And this is my new doll. The kids always like to try the toy machine (?) at WalMart (the one where the claw drops and picks up a stuffed animal or doll? what are they called?). Well yesterday we went to the machine, and I saw Raggedy Ann just sitting there on top. I said 'I have to get that one!' So I asked my 12 year old if he would try (he is the KING when it comes to getting the animal/toy at these!). And after the fifth try, he got it. :-D He would have gotten it on the first and third tries, but the claw was pretty loose. I am so glad he got it. I love Raggedy Ann. I think I had two when I was little. I wish I would have kept them. But I got to a certain age and said 'Dolls are stupid.' Now I like them. And I have all boys. Go figure.... :P
While I'm talking about toys from 'the machine', this is a pink bear they got once and gave to me cuz it's pink. :P I like it, though! I also have a 'Michigan' bear from the machine in the WalMart where we used to live in Michigan.
Well have a good weekend~ what's left of it. ;)


Ghost said...

Everything is such a pleasure to look at. Your crochet work is really well done too. and the picture in the next post is adorable too.

Mimi said...

Its sometimes strange how something you missed a long time ago comes back to you...perhaps that doll was just waiting for you to get her ;)
I don't remember having a favorite doll, and didn't care much for dolls, except that I once thought that Barbie was so cool :p

Tina said...

Ha ha!! I never did like Barbies for some reason. I had my Raggedy Ann dolls and other 'baby' dolls. I had a 'Baby Alive' doll, you could feed it and change it's diaper... I'm surprised that it didn't scare me half to death. ;P