Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank You, Pam!!

I posted on a yahoo group I am in (Crafting for a Cause) about running out of yarn for some sockies I was making (I also blogged about them, here). Well someone (Pam) said she might have some of that in her stash. THEN, she went to Hobbly Lobby and looked for some of it for me, too! She wasn't able to find any, but she sent me what Baby Bee yarn she had so I can make some more sockies (and a cap to go with it!) Thanks so much, (again) Pam. :-D

She also sent me some beads (I had sent her a beaded stitch marker, previously; that I made):
Sorry 'bout the poor quality of my camera (sigh). It doesn't do well with taking pictures of objects close up or small.... I bought some more beads, to go with the pink ones Pam sent:

Guess what my husband bought me last night at Home Depot?!! My very own set of needle nose pliers (?). Yay!!! We spent about at least a half an hour looking for snap pliers (couldn't find any). Then my husband said 'Do you want me to buy you some of your own pliers to make those bead things with?'
This, folks, is my husband's pair I had been using:

You can't tell very well, but they are totally rusty and dirty. Every time I would use them, I would just be very careful to not get anything dirty. The last time I used them, I thought, 'I should see if I can clean these up a little'... Well now I have my own brand new, clean pair. This is a picture of the latest stich marker I have made with the beads that Pam sent, plus the ones I bought to go with:
I am making these to send to people as gifts. This one I am sending to my friend who crochets, with a few other things.
Well, 'til next time~~~~ ;-)


Ghost said...

It is always so nice when someone says I care and then proceeds to prove it. Enjoy!

Susan said...

What a nice care package!