Saturday, February 14, 2009

This Is The Big One...

Well.... I thought it would get me the 'Cool Mom of the Year Award' or something.... (sigh).... He wasn't as excited as I thought he would be. Oh well. He is the type of kid that will say he doesn't want something but then change his mind. Or act like he isn't impressed, but later on I see him playing or sleeping with the thing.... (He was sleeping with Fen the Spotted Puppy last night.) Kind of a big let down for me. I tried to keep it a secret all this time so he would be totally surprised, but he wasn't..... (little stinker!!) :P I think he saw the Spiderman bag and thought it was a new toy or something, to be honest. He will probably like it as time goes on.... (He wanted to do his hair spikey today 'like Shark boy'.) :P (Sorry bout my messy corner... We just moved here three and a half months ago and I am still trying to organize/put stuff away here and there, and my craft area is always the last place to get organized....)

Here it is, finished. I was going to make another two of these for the other boys but the 12 year old said he doesn't want one. FINE!!! I'll make some for other kids who might appreciate them.
I also finished the afghan part of my Noah's Ark Afghan for my newest nephew. Yay!!! I just have to crochet all the little parts and sew them on. That should go fast. I already started the 'ark'. :)
It measures 36" x 48", so it will be a good size for when he is a toddler, even. I wasn't even really going to make this afghan. I bought the pattern. I thought it was really cute. I like doing ripples the most of all afghans. I just didn't feel like it. But my Mom kept bugging me about it.... So, I made it. (I did make two full sweater sets for him; plus we went in BIG time on a camcorder, and a bunch of t-shirts and other stuff...) Anyway. Well that was my big project. (Sigh...) :(


Mimi said...

He's probably just expecting something else, but I bet he'll realize that his blanket is cool!
The baby blanket is wonderful...I have a baby grandniece but can't get myself to crochet anything bigger than booties :p
You're messy corner isn't as messy as mine is ;)

Tina said...

Well, my messy corner is more of a messy 'wall', because it kind of extends all the way down one wall... Oh well. ;)

He was carrying his new blanket around later in the day, and took it in the car with him when we went somewhere tonight. I know he likes it. :)

It's hard to take on anything bigger than booties (and finishing the second one is really hard!), sometimes.. ;)