Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two More FO's

yay.... I feel like I am getting things under control (somewhat). I started these socks soon after we moved here. I know that because I had to come here and check to see if my box was here yet when we were still living in the other house... It is yarn that Miss Kitty sent me for the slipper swap. I have one pair of socks I knitted for me, but I wanted another pair. I LOVE these. I tried to get the colourways the same, but it was almost impossible. Oh well; it is close and I think they are so cool. Thanks again Miss Kitty if you read my blog at all.... I still have enough yarn left to make probably a kids pair of socks or slippers, or something....

And, I finally finished the twelve year olds' koala. Yay!! I made the adult size for him. This is the first time I have done the adult size. I think I like it better as it is not so small to try and handle. Although I do love the baby koalas. He wanted an all grey one. Not a fluffy tummy, but fluffy ears. :P I still haven't heard what he named him (or her).
I should have posted a picture here of all the clothes I am sending to PBWH. They were ALL (except a pair ofpants my sister gave me that are NOT a size 7/8, more like a 5/6, that I am sending...) from our twelve year olds' dresser drawers!! :0 I will have to post a picture. You will not believe it. I went through each drawer and re-organized everything: Shirts drawer, underwer/socks drawer, etc, etc..... He had junk mixed in with almost every drawer. It's no wonder he could never find anything. I told him, 'Don't put junk in with your clothes.' I left at least three drawers for "junk"; games, instructions for lego kits, drawings, a latch hook rug he will never do... you get the idea. ;)
Well that's all for now folks. Hope everyone is having a nice day. Today will be library day for us, I think. I have to return some books due back today, and run a couple of errands. They still have the old recycle bins up at WalMart, here. I LOVE that, and now I am recycling again. Yay! I stopped because my husband hates having to pay for anything and especially for 'garbage'... (sigh) I already took up three big bags full since we moved here. (I already sliced my finger open on a tin can, too~~ that was my own fault~~ another 'duh' moment...) Til next time ~~ :-)


Ghost said...

Nice work once again. Love the Koala too.

Tina said...

Thanks again. ;)