Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Finished a Whole Pair of Socks

Can you believe it? I can't. I finished them last night. And I wore them last night, too. They are really comfy. At first my one foot itched, but after I scratched it I was okay. ;p (I don't think it was the socks.) They aren't technically *wool*, anyway. Wool-Ease; which is only 10% wool...
I've already cast on for another pair. For our four year old son. Using this pattern for socks for 'Children in Common'. (A yahoo group.) If you are interested in a charity pattern to help those less fortunate (children in orphanages), knit a pair of socks to send them. If mine turn out too small, I will probably either give them to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, or as a baby shower gift (if it's a boy... she hasn't found out yet...) I will knit another pair that is out of wool (one of the requirements, as the children live in poorly or unheated orphanages...) :( I do have a small skein of wool, and some odd skeins of wool that shrinks.... hmmm.... (don't know if that work so well for socks....)

Well. Anyway. Here is a somewhat close up of the sock. Still not great, but you can see it a little better... I am using a one inch band of k1, p1, then plain stockinette. Thanks for stopping by. :)

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