Saturday, April 07, 2007

Common Flicker?

We recently put up some bird feeders, since we got my sheperds' hook out of storage. (No other place/trees to hang them where we live right now.... We put them in the front yard, and for three days, nothing!! No birds at all. So my husband moved it to the backyard and we have been looking from our bedroom window. Well this morning, after seeing a squirrel on the ground (grrr!) eating some seed that fell, I noticed a bird on the driveway, walking over to the feeder. I am almost positive it was a flicker! Well I looked and looked online, but the only photo I could come up with was this one: You can't really see the underside, but the head and body looked like that. Under the birds wings was a red strip. I can't seem to find any other pictures though. Pretty cool! The first bird I notice on my feeder is a flicker! That's awesome. I found a page to build your own flicker house, too. Maybe this summer we'll do it for a family project.


Mimi said...

Sounds cool, Tina. Maybe you could take a picture of the flicker sometime.
With lots of trees sorrounding our house, I've also been noticing more birds lately. I am thinking of putting something to make them stay closer. I'm so eager to get a picture of those exotic birds. I have seen a pair of
flying just outside our house.

Tina said...

That is a really pretty bird, Mimi. I have never had one of those in my yard before. I haven't noticed any more birds since I saw that one, that one day. :( My bird feeder is just sitting there. The only visitors I get is squirrels (maybe that's why no birds come...) Well we don't really have a yard, either. There's just one tree. And the bird feeder is close to the house, too....

Mimi said...

Its quite frustrating, when I saw one of those exotic birds just in front of my window. When I got the camera, it was gone :(
Years ago, I think it was a kingfisher that flew into our house one early morning. I hope I can still find the photo I took, before I let it out of the house.
I guess you have more of the other wild animals there, Tina, and not so much birds ;)