Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pop-Tab Purses, Too!

I also saw a post by Pragmatica, at Crochetville about pop-tab purses--How Cool Is That!!? You can even order them in different colors. I have already started saving pop-tabs... :p She also posted a link to a Craft site about pop-tab crochet, too. AngieinCA posted a link to DIY network on pop-tab crochet (you can print it out, too.) Here's another article, too. And, last night while I was Googling for Knock-off bags I could crochet, I found this bag, too! (Sigh....) I am never going to finish one thing if I keep finding all these other cool things!! :D


Mimi said...

Tina, did you read the designer's story on that last pop-tab bag you is such a wonderful story :)
And yes, it is so hard to decide on what to do next, when you go searching on the internet for ideas ;)

Tina said...

Oh, yes! Neide Ambrosio! I did read that. It was wonderful.

And if you think how many pop tabs you would use to make a purse--over 700! A bracelet is 20, I think... Just think how it's saving the environment. A little bit, anyway. :/