Friday, February 27, 2009

An F.O., and an Almost F.O.

Well this came out of nowhere. I don't know why, but I crocheted this cradle purse the other night. I had an overwhelming desire to start a new totally useless project. This is what came out of it... I was going to save it for.... ? I don't even know what. But my six year old convinced himself it was a 'boy' baby and took it.
Here it is as a purse.
And this is what I have been working on all day today. I woke up way earlier than I usually do (6:20 am). I got my coffee and started working on finishing this.... Finished my coffee, took a shower, got ready, worked on it some more... I have been working on it all day.

Finished the giraffe's spots, fringe, and horns. Sewed it all up. Finished the door and window, sewed them on and embroidered them.. Then sewed them to the ark. (Also finished the port holes and sewed them on...)

Sewed up the bird and embroidered the eye. Embroidered the eye and mouth on giraffe..
Finished the elephant, sewed it on to the ark.

I also did the fish, and sewed that on. All that's left to crochet is the turtle. Then sew on all the other things. I'm taking a break for now. The major stuff is done. Ugh~~ All that embroidery. And sewing... Hopefully it will be done soon. So I can mail it to the little guy~~ before he isn't little anymore!!
I was also thinking about making him a crocheted bunny... Hmmm.... Maybe after I finish up a few things I have to get done. I have NOT joined the March CAL for CFAC. #1: I still haven't mailed out my newborn stuff from the last newborn challenge!! :0 #2: I just have too much going on. #3: I don't have the money to mail the stuff right now anyway (reason for #1...)
My mourning doves have been coming to visit me every morning. We think they live in a tree across the road from us (my husband said he saw them fly into it a few times). So I don't know why they come over here to my front porch. There isn't any seed in the front yard. Strange. But I don't mind. :-D


Mimi said...

Those are all cute, Tina! And the blanket is marvelous!

Tina said...

Thank you, Mimi. It is almost done, now. Just the turtle to crochet and sew on~~ YAY!!