Sunday, March 01, 2009

Jodi's Merry Go Round

I haven't made a doily in a long time. This used to be one of my favorite doilies to make. Course, I only had about three doily patterns.... (Three of my aunts crochet and they would give me copies of patterns of doilies they made that I liked...) It's called (as the title states) Jodi's Merry Go Round. I think the last time I made this was for a secret pal swap in April of '07. In red. I really like it in colors; even more so.


Ghost said...

very pretty doily.

Cherri said...

That's beautiful, Tina! You work so fast, I can't keep up with your posts. LOL! Everything is great and I love the Noah's Ark Ghan, too!!!
Hugs, Cherri