Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have been making a lot of them lately for some reason. (Fast, cute...) :) The rainbow is actually a 'pin', from the June '08 issue of Crochet World. I thought it would be cute as a magnet. Lots of glueing. But still fun. Then later that same night I (stayed up late) made 'Jose Jalapeno' for our youngest son. (Sigh....) Long story. If you have ever watched Jeff Dunham, you know who Jose Jalapeno is. I don't like the kids watching him, but we saw a video w/ him and our youngest son thought 'on a stick' was the funniest thing ever. So I made him Jose Jalapeno... I used the Hot Pepper Fridgie pattern. Then started looking through all the other patterns at the 'Fun Fridgies CAL' (which I have been in for a while now). Liked the Notepad Basket Fridgie. Made one. Then made another one, and another one... That pattern is SO cute, and so much fun! I am still making them. :) Here are the first three I made one night:
I wanted to try and use other things besides the roses, since I only had four. I went to WalMart to see if they had any. Nope. Well I didn't feel like driving for an hour to *try* and see if other WalMarts, or Michaels, had any.... So I finally thought 'Oh yeah, what about those little wooden thingys I got at JoAnns, a long time ago...' I made the apple to one to put on my own fridge. :P Well the only *papers* you can put in them is a 2x2 post-it cube, and that is a tight fit. So I tried chaining 18 to make a little bigger one. (You would have 30 dc if you did it this way). And added one more row to the pattern. They aren't too much bigger, but would still fit a bigger sized post-it pad or paper in:

And are still cute. I put one of the original ones I made next to them so you can see how much difference there is. I already have two ready to go for RAOKs. Need to go get some more yarn to make one certain color of one. Hopefully I can find some more ribbon roses to put on, in different colors.


Cherri said...

Very cute!!!! You're so clever!
Hugs, Cherri

Lucy said...

Printed out the hot pepper mag...hubby will love that one. Going off to order my washcloths now!!!

Tina said...

Thanks Cherri, and Lucy. :)

I need to get over and order some before the sale is over! I think I'll wait til this weekend/pay day. :P