Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Recent Fo's... (Nothing I Am Supposed To Be Working On..

I made these comfortghan squares up for Dawn at Crochetville who just lost her grandmother suddenly. So very sad.

This is a dishcloth I knitted on a dishcloth weekly knitalong group on Ravelry. It is called 'Yarn Over Cable Cloth'. I didn't really want to do it but once I started knitting it, it grew on me. Now, I really like it and think Imight just re-do my whole kitchen based on this dishcloth! I love this colourway. It is 'Country Side Ombre'. Nothing in my house is lavender and green, though. So I guess I will have to give it away. :P
I like how the back side just looks like ribbing. So you could use either side and it will still look okay. ;)

And, more recently (except the fish, which was pre-dishcloth) I have been knitting catnip mice to send to someone. I used to love making these, to give to anyone I knew who had a cat. I used to try and make them in wool, only. Now, I don't care I will use acrylic. (I don't think cats care, either... so why waste my wool? :P)

Speaking of wool.... I haven't done any more on the second sock for our six year old. (Sigh...) I guess I really got disgusted. I should force myself to finish it, though. Before his feet grow another inch and they won't even fit him! :0
Oh, you can get the catnip mouse pattern here. I made the light blue one with this pattern, since it is less brainwork (for me, anyway :P). I think it looks almost exactly the same, too. The bumpy part is just slightly less bumpy. ;)


Cherri said...

Tina, everything is wonderful. I love the fishy!!! Your squares & dishcloths are beautiful. You are so talented and make such a variety of things. :)
Hugs, Cherri

Lucy said...

Thanks for the pattern cat loves catnip toys!

Mimi said...

I also love the color and design of your cable cloth :)

Tina said...

Thank you Cherri, Lucy and Mimi.

I think I am burnt out from making the cat toys, though. Not the dishcloths (yet, anyway) :P