Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Dishcloth and Rectangle Man

"Super Rectangle Man", that is. :P The 12 year old son wanted one. (I knew he did!!) :P He picked out the colors. Then I got to the legs and said 'What color do you want the legs?' He picked out yellow. So I said 'It's Super Rectangle Man'. :P Fortunately, I didn't have any red fun fur!

I also finished this dishcloth yesterday. Got two projects done (that I am not supposed to be working on anyway ;P). I saw one that CroJulee did and looked up the pattern on cpc. I made it for our oldest son. He plays guitar and piano, and it's his job to do the dishes after dinner. :P I told him (jokingly at the time, but it really happened..) that I was knitting him dishcloths for when he gets back (he is gone til the end of March). He said 'I don't like washing dishes with those. The grease sticks to them and you go to wash the pan and it sticks back on the pan and gets all over' Hmmm.... (That never happens to me.) So, I don't know if he will like it or not. But, I am making him a second one, this guitar one. (If you click on 'available for download', it takes you to her whole page of dishcloth patterns for sale~ :0!!! There is enough patterns there to keep you busy knitting dishcloths for the rest of your life!!) If he doesn't like them, he can use them for coasters or save them for when he gets his own house or apartment... (Guess I made it to go in *my* kitche, though, didn't I?....) Who knows. He does like anything I make him, though; so we'll see. Now to just start and finish the Earl Grey socks I wanted to make him, too. (Got to finish the second sock for the six year old, first, though.... sigh....)

I am thinking about doing another one of these, in yellow, for my Grandma. She plays piano. And likes knitted dishcloths (she had one in her dish drainer one time, that she bought at a rummage sale and said she likes them...) I am almost 99.9% positive I saw a 'piano keys' dishcloth on Lisa's site, too. Maybe I will buy that one next. :P


Ghost said...

Very nice both item. I have t he pattern for that rectangle man and I have not had a chance to work him up yet. But I think he is just adorable.

Tina said...

I love making toys. :-) I'm knitting a teddy bear, now.

Ghost said...

hey lady got a SURprise for you. Stop by my blog and pick them up.

Mimi said...

You sure won't run out of projects Tina, with your sons giving you lots of ideas and inspiration ;)
Lovely dishcloths, you make it look so easy - knitting those :)