Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Dishcloth and a Bunny

:P Well I couldn't think of a good title for this post... This is a guitar dishcloth I started and finished yesterday. Started before dinner, finished after dinner... I found it on ravelry by typing 'guitar dishcloth' in the search engine thingy... I found a whole page of about 530 or so patterns. (This was on there, but you will have to go through them all to find it... ): Digknitty Designs
It takes a while to load fyi ;) I think I will never run out of dishcloth patterns to try. :-D

Our youngest son saw a baby bunny in our front yard the other night. He was looking out the blinds in the living room and said 'A bunny!' So we all ran to look. :P It was so cute!!

You can't see it very good, so I zoomed in:

It was eating what little patches of grass we have. Then, last night I saw a big one in the front yard. I don't know if it was the mama or what. I didn't see the baby at all. Once in a while when we come home if it is just getting dark out, we will see a rabbit by our garage. So they must have a den (? what do rabbits call their houses?) around our house somewhere. It was neat just watching them.
I started the second sock (again) the other night, too. I am past the heel flap and all that; and I'm on the 'gusset'. It's going good so far. After that I will have to start the Earl Grey socks.


Lucy said...

I love the dishcloth site....I may have to treat myself to a few of those patterns. Thanks for the link!

Tina said...

She is having a sale right now, too: Buy five patterns, get five free. (Or buy ten, get ten... in increments of five.) BOGO!! Gotta love a sale! :-D

Lucy said...

Thanks, Tina...I'm waiting for my paypal to update and will be buying some!!! I love those and they are so easy!

Tina said...

I bought five the very last day of the sale. ~~Yay~~ :P