Friday, January 06, 2012

Afghan WIPs and Monkey Bread

Here are some afghans I have had going. This is another "Eye Dazzler" afghan I started, for someone on Pine Ridge. Actually both of these two are for PR, for two of the elders I send things to. They probably won't be done until next winter. I really like this one so far. :)  This one is for Alice.

And, I started a second (well it will be my third one of these, but..) one. Because I ran out of the purple I was doing the last row in the picture. And I didn't know when we would be going to the store next, so I just started another one. I got this far, before we went to the store that day. So... Not bad. :)  This one is for Florine.  After I finish these two, I will have made an aghan for everyone I send things to on PR. 

And this is my son Evan's afghan. So far...   I started this a long time ago. I wanted to make him one for his Graduation but that was in March, I think? Of last year. I jokingly said "By the time I finish it; it will be a Graduation/House Warming Gift, because he will probably be moving out~ by the time I finish it.."  Well both of those things happened and I still haven't finished it. Sigh...    I started it with what yarn I had available. Which was a lot of grey and some black.  I think I will add some burgundy to it next. Getting kind of sick of grey and black..  :)     These afghans are about all I feel like working on lately as far as crocheting goes. I got kind of burnt out from all the crocheting for the holidays & wishlists, and the Santa Tree hats (even though I only did five hats).  I just kind of want to do "nothing" for a while... 

And, here is the Monkey Bread I was talking about...   I took a picture of the dough so I would know if it was rising right. :P    I don't think I will use the recipe I used, ever again.   I found a good one on Family Fun that I printed out: Monkey Bread.  The recipe I used (from cooks dot com, I think) isn't very clear at all. I don't know why I printed it out..   Anyway, it turned out all right.

I got a helper for a while...  :P  He put the balls in the butter then the cinnamon/sugar mix, and into the pan.  

Here he is trying not to look at me, cuz he knows I have the camera...  Sigh. :P

The finished Monkey Bread. My Bundt Pan is about a million years old. But, it works~ and I like it. :P  I'm pretty sure my Mom gave it to me.

Yummy...    Why do I keep baking? (Sigh...)  I weighed myself this morning. :((((   I am officially on a diet today.  Sigh.... It isn't even like I eat all that much. Just must be harder to keep weight off after you turn 40. :(((

Ha!! I got a picture of him, AND he is smiling. :D  Just not looking directly at the camera...  :P  

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