Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red Neck Cling Wrap?... LoL

I made pancakes this morning. I have probably said this before, but... I usually make a double batch; so the kids can just get them out of the freezer in the morning rush before school, when they are sick of cereal.

Well I didn't have any freezer bags, or containers with lids, to put the leftover pancakes in. So, I improvised... Lol!.  What do you think? It's Red Neck Cling Wrap. It reminds me of those elastic bowl covers. But... Red Neck Cling Wrap had a catchier title.  (I know, I've lost it...)  I just thought it was kinda funny, so I had to post it...  :P  Maybe it will make you smile. Or even laugh. ;)

I finally bought a Wax Warmer. (What are they called, anyway?...)  I almost bought a red one I liked, a couple weeks ago. But, I carried it with me around the store; then put it back thinking, "I don't really *need* this.." Well then I decided to buy it. And guess what? No red ones were left.  (That is the story of my life lately...  Grrr)  I finally get the money to buy something and it's gone.  Ugh!...   Oh well. I like this one, too.   Too bad this picture isn't a scratch n' sniff.  I got Caramel Vanilla Spice wax bars; they smell so good!

And, another square I finished. I mailed this out; thinking, "Oh all I have to do is put four stamps on it. I know it's $1.71 to send one square."  Well I forgot about the postal rates going up.  Like two days before I sent this. I think I was 3 cents short.  :/  I hope it still will make it.


paula said...

I think you should copyright the Red Neck Cling Wrap label . . LOLOL

Tina said...

Lol, Paula. It doesn't work very well, though... I'm gonna have to get some freezer bags. ;)