Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love Bugs

I finished the last of these love bugs today. I was trying to find a cute Valentine's Day thing to crochet for the three kids I send things to on Pine Ridge. I kept looking, kept looking, kept looking...  I just got tired of trying to find anything; and I thought, "Why dont' I just make one of my Ami Love Bugs?" I hadn't crocheted one in a long time. I ended up making one for each of them. From the left: Nia's, Dre's, and Tia's.  :)  Dre is a little boy. So I made his "boy" colors. :)  Oh, and I made the red heart pops, too. With Wilton's candy melts and molds. I was going to use chocolate. But then I saw the red candy melts so I thought I would try those. I think I prefer chocolate better. 


Here is a square I finished, too. I have been (slowly) getting back into crocheting squares for the Friendshipghan CAL.  I was too busy crocheting for Christmas and the Holiday Wishlist. Then I got burned out of crocheting for a while. 


Amber said...

That square is so pretty! And I love monkey bread (from an earlier post). I gotta make one! I need a bundt cake pan desperately. There's a bakery here called Nothing Bundt Cakes and I wanna make cakes like theirs. Google them!

Tina said...

Thanks, Amber. You should check out thrift stores (if you don't mind a used bundt cake pan- you could wash it really good, lol) I will google the Nothing Bundt Cakes~ catchy name! :)