Thursday, January 05, 2012

Oma's Baby Sweater

This is a baby sweater and bonnet I tested the pattern for, in the Liebe Oma group on Ravelry. I had left a comment on someone's baby sweater a long time ago. I had forgotten about it. Then just recently, she left me a message, asking if I wanted to test the pattern. It had been a while since I had tested any patterns. I get a little stressed out if I get too much going on. Testing patterns, joining swaps...  But since I hadn't tested in a while, and the Holiday Wishlist for Crochetville was over with, and all my Christmas crocheting was done; I joined the group, and wallah..   Here we are. :)  I think this sweater will fit a bigger baby. According to the measurements/ charts online, it might fit a 12 month old or bigger baby.  My babies were all big. They wore a 12 month size when they were 6 or 9 months old.  A 2T when they were one year old... So. Maybe this will fit a six month old. Who knows. I am sending it to Pine Ridge Reservation.   I started another one for my neighbor. She is due in the beginning of May, and it's a boy. So hopefully I can make a newborn size..  If not, I will have to do something else for her.

A close-up of the buttons. Nothing spectacular, at all. But. :P  The owner of the pattern/Liebe Oma group said the pattern should be available in the Spring. 

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paula said...

I joined the Rav group for this sweater . . I need to get a start on great niece/nephew gifts from my hook.