Friday, January 06, 2012

Jetta Went For a Ride in the Truck :)

I haven't taken Jetta in the car for a while. Every time I would take her, she would pee. I would get so frustrated. I would have to clean the car out and air it out... Spray Febreeze... Finally I just gave up. Then I tried again, just taking her up to get the kids from school/the bus stop. She still did it.  Well yesterday; I thought I would try again...  I had to pick her up to get her into the truck. And, she was shaking. But I kept petting her and saying "good girl".  She was afraid for a while. See her on the floor? :P

Then she got brave and looked out the window.  A milli-second after I took this picture, she heard some kids and went right back to her spot on the floor. :P

But after a while, she relaxed and started acting like a real dog. :P  This was our second trip (in one day). I rolled the window down, and she was looking outside. (I had her leash on & had a hold of it, in case she decided to jump out, lol..)  She didn't pee once! Yay!!  Maybe she just needed to mature a little more.  She is almost a year old now. :)   We saw a horse and rider, going for a horseback ride down the side of the road. Jetta liked that. Her ears perked up, and she wouldn't take her eyes off that horse. I think she would have liked to chase it, if she could.  I don't know.  :P

Remember, Safety First.  :P   (My husband's Safety Glasses from work...) 

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paula said...

My poor babies, of the canine kind, have always been car riders. When I first picked up Paka, my 1st as an adult, we had an hour plus ride to get to my parents . . she never knew the difference. When she got older, she would sleep on the floor of the back seat, wake up, look out the window when she felt the car slow down for a town. She got so good that she knew which slow down had the McDOnald's in it for our "treats." I tried once to get a p lain hamburger, no bun. COuldn't do it, all hamburgers and buns had to match. Go figure . . so she had the meat and two pieces of bread. She was in hog heaven.