Monday, January 14, 2008

"L.A." Shrug is Finally Done!

I don't believe it myself, still. This thing has taken me almost two years to finish. (Not that it is the shrugs' fault.... :P It's my fault...) But, it feels good to finish it! I started this back in May of '06; I think. Although now that I think about it, I am almost positive I started it in April. Because this is what I took with me as a project to Michigan. And I got a lot of it done on the way there and on the way back. Anywho.... here it is! (Bad, BAD hair day.... I didn't even do anything with it, I was not feeling good AT all....) :(
I have been working on my Central Park Hoodie. It's ten and a half inches along so far. :D
And..... it didn't last long... Remember how I said 'I want to finish things' before I start anything else? Ha. Well I do recall also saying 'I don't know how long it will last...', too. It didn't last long. :P I have started and finished one of Yarncat's turtles. They are SOOOO cute! Especially the pink ones. I have a second one in the works. (And a third, fourth, fifth six... one in mind...) In fact, I bought some pink camo yarn by Red Heart to make one with. And I have started a scarf for the Scarf Challenge at CFAC. Remember my 'Scarf with no name'? Well I am making a modified version of that, created by Patty (merlot) of Crochetville: Cluster Scarf (I like hers better.) I may or may not make a Tri-Color Cloche to go with this one. I was going to, but I don't know if I'll have enough of the accent (stripe) color I am using. Unless I go buy some more. Not having a label though it will be hard to match it. We'll see.
What else? I'm working on a square for the Square a Month Swap at Crochetmania. I have to send one out (yikes!) by tomorrow. I keep forgetting.... My brain is not working lately. I have been sick. (Again.) My husband got some kind of flu. Probably from work. (And sleeping for only five hours a night and working ten-twelve hour days doesn't help with the immune system, either....) Fortunately mine is stronger than his, and I only got a mild version of what he has. Thank goodness~~ he is barking like a seal. :( Anyway I thought I'd keep you posted.


Mimi said...

Its lovely Tina, yay! Maybe you'll be finishing more wearables now.
Btw, have you seen the Central Park Hoodies posted on Ravelry? You can see here:
there are 600+ versions of it.
Hope you are feeling much better now :)

Tina said...

600!!?? WOW. I can't seem to get in to Ravelry. I requested my password (I know I wrote it down somewhere... ugh...) They haven't sent it to me yet.

Thank you for the encouragement, Mimi. I do feel like I could make anything now, after finishing this shrug. :)