Friday, January 04, 2008

2007 Crochet Projects Album

Rather than post all of the pictures here (which would take aaaaall day!) I am putting a link in for my 2007 Crochet Projects Album at Picture Trail. :) Turn up the volume to hear 'Frankie and Johnny'. (I had to put that one on there, since that is one of the first songs our 15 year old learned to play on the guitar and piano.)


Mimi said...

I enjoyed watching it, Tina! And thanks again for testing several of my patterns :)
A year seem to go by so fast, but its quite fulfilling to see what you've "made", though you certainly have been busy with a load of other stuff...keep up the good work!

Tina said...

Thanks Mimi, for letting me be a tester. :D I tested a few things for you, didn't I? It seems like there is more I made in 2007 but I can't remember what else... I did knit some things that I was actually happy with. I hope to make more wearables this year, knitted and crocheted.