Monday, January 21, 2008

Ami Love Bug and Swap Package

Well this is what I came up with. :D I think she's kinda cute. I have written up the pattern and posted it on my pattern blog.
I also recieved my Winter Blues Swap Package. I let the kids open it in the car. (They kind of destroyed the paper, but isn't it cute?!)
This is what IndigoSkye sent. A set of bamboo size four dpns. THE thing I wanted most. I love these needles. She sent a set of notecards inside a see through plastic envelope (?)~~ I love them. And a set of sticky notes. They're so cute. And, it says a 'dishcloth', but... it is so soft, I might just use it as a facecloth! It smells so lovely, too. Thank you, SnL (that's 'Stich n Locks)! I have your package ready to go I just need to find a suitable box to send it in. ;)


Mimi said...

Lovely goodies...I thought the pink one was a hook holder ;)
Your ami love bug would make many folks so glad, esp. those looking for amis to give for their love ones!

Tina said...

It took me a second (this cold has gone to my pea brain)... the pink one is a dishcloth. :P It is super soft. (I'm not using it for a dishcloth... it's a facecloth!) :P

The hard part is going to be deciding who to send these little guys/girls to! I am making another one that is lt. blue/royal blue... that one is for one of our sons, who never asks for anything I crochet. So I am making it for him. (The five year old, on the other hand, asks for one of EVERYTHING I crochet... LOL) ;P

Robin said...

I LOVE to use the bamboo needles too! They feel very good in my hands!

My son (8) always asks for everything I crochet too :)