Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A "Crazy Sock" Story

I got the latest issue of Interweave Crochet magazine, recently. I had put off getting it because I really wasn't interested in anything in it. BUT, there was a toe up sock recipe in there that I really wanted to try. Sooo, I bought it.  I showed it to Eon, because the sock pictured was all different colors. I said "Would you wear something like this, for Crazy Sock Day?"  So, he drew me a picture of how he wanted his sock. :P

Well that notebook got misplaced and I asked him to draw me another one. A couple days later I found the first picture. This one is different. I said "Well maybe I can do one this way and one the other way. Then they will really be crazy socks." :P Well...  I tried crocheting the pattern, and the pattern stitch count did not make sense. So I posted on a couple boards at Ravelry, asking if anyone had ever made this pattern. Emailed Interweave Crochet explaining the problem. They emailed me back, saying to please explain in detail what the problem was.  ????  Didn't I just do that?!!  Ugh!! Well finally someone posted on one of the boards at Ravelry that she did this pattern, ignoring the stitch count. And it worked out for her. I tried doing it again. (Using one sized bigger hook, and sport weight yarn, even). Still too small.   I did finally got an email from someone (that was helpful) at Interweave Crochet, too. But  I think I am just going to forget about this pattern for a while..

Meanwhile, I looked for a basic sock that I could do a toe and heel different. I looked at my (what I call my) "go to" crochet sock pattern. It's just easy for me, and I like how they turn out -second picture. (And here. Also, here-middle picture..) Well when I clicked on the pattern link, she had some different pictures on than what I remember. I showed Eon; because they were different colored heels, toes, etc..  I thought he would like the blue, green, and yellow one. But he liked the other one. So I went and got the exact same yarn ("bikini" by Red Heart), and so far this is what I have done. I think I have second sock syndrome. I don't like making socks with RH yarn...  Maybe they will get softer after being washed.  Maybe I'm just so frustrated with socks right now. Lol... 


paula said...

All patterns for mags should be "tested" by a normal crocheter . . . I am always finding something that is off . . and, when you write and ask, they have no is=dea what you are talking about.

Must not be any "normal, regular" crocheters in their ranks.

Tina said...

It's annoying. I got more help from people on Ravelry, already; than I did from the magazine publishers..