Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Hamster Hut For Coco

Or is it Cocoa? I'll have to ask Eon. I like "Coco", like "Coco Chanel".. Hee Hee. Anyway....  Someone on Ravelry asked me if I still had the pattern for this Hamster Hut. (It's actually called "Hamster Hideout".) She saw the one I made for Mia, that I have on Ravelry..  (Picture of it in that post..)  The pattern is no longer available online.  So I dug through all my patterns, and I did still have it. I thought, "I should make another one of these!"  So I did.  It has some bedding on it here. :P

It was hard trying to take a picture of it, and a fast moving Hamster. :P  I cleaned her cage out so she is freaking out. "Where's my food stash?" "What did you do with my nest?"...  :P

She's so cute...  :D

I am not sure if she likes her new hut I made her. I thougt it would be better than the plastic barn I got at Target (in the dollar bins :D )  But she went right back into her barn.   Sigh. Oh well...

I can't figure out the new Blogger layout. Why does everything have to keep changing? Just when I figure something out, it changes. Facebook has the new "Timeline". I switched to the new Blogger, now they have a new layout..  Sigh...

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