Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where Did My Three Day Weekend Go?... :(

My brother came in to town (kind of) today, and we met him for lunch. I hadn't seen him since my Grandmother's funeral (not a good time..).  Two years.   I wasn't really drinking that~ I borrowed my husbands' beer for the picture, just to be goofy. :P

Me & my Hubby <3

The boys (they are getting to the age where they hate having their picture taken... Sigh...) I practically had to bribe them to take this picture...

On the way to meet my brother for lunch, we saw about 15 Big Horn Sheep in the mountain pass. So we stopped to take pictures.  This is only the second time I have seen Big Horn Sheep since we have lived here. (Almost four years now.) The first time, I only saw two. (I was still pretty excited though.)

This one looks like he was posing for the camera. :P

I made some Empanadas one day...  I can't remember what day it was. We had a bunch of leftover Ham in the freezer, from when we had friends over last weekend.  I wanted to try something different. I had been looking in all my old Family Fun magazines, cuz Eon wanted to make something with a paper bag. I didn't find any paper bag projects, but I found a recipe to use up all that Ham:  Ham and Cheese Empanadas Recipe   I made my own Empanada Dough, using this recipe.  So it was quite time-consuming. It made ten empanadas. But,  I read in the recipe you can freeze them unbaked. I might try that another day, for just popping in the oven for a snack. (Teenagers...  :P)     Oh, I used a small plate to press an imprint, as a guide for cutting out a circle. Worked great.  The bottom of the plate measures exactly five inches across. (The plate they are on, in fact... :P) 


Mimi said...

The empanadas look yummy, Tina! Chicken empanadas are popular here, but the commercial ones have potatoes and other fillers and very little meat :p
The Bighorn sheep look amazing...I wonder, can you make yarn from them too?
I'm glad you aren't drinking liquor! Your boys must have wanted some, that's why they're not smiling...hahah, just joking ;)

Tina said...

Chicken empanadas sound yummy. :)

I don't know if you could spin yarn from Big Horn Sheep. Some people we know just bought two (regular) sheep, though. And that was the first thing I thought of... "Yarn.." lol

No I don't drink very often. If at all. Our boys just have attitudes and don't like getting their pictures taken. I think they wanted to look "tough" in front of their uncle. ;)