Friday, November 18, 2011

Stocking #7 is Finished

I know it is non-traditional..  This one is for our 14 year old. The white "thing" is supposed to be a lightning bolt. I used this Lightning Bolt Scarf pattern as a sort of guide to do the lightning bolt. I only increased to 4 hdcs, and then sc'd all around it when I was done.  It's supposed to be an "AC/DC" stocking. I'm thinking about sewing some black letters (AC/DC) on the cuff. But.... I really don't like sewing by hand. Maybe I will get in the mood to, before Christmas..   Now I only have one or two more stockings to go. My husbands', and *maybe* one for Jetta.   Plus my swap stocking. I am still waiting for the yarn to get here, for that.. 

I also finished doing the French Knots on this Santa Ornament from the KansasHooker's blog.  How cute is this? I love it. :)  She has the cutest ideas.

And, another picture of Jetta~ from this morning. :)  She's getting big. I don't know if she will get much bigger than this, though. She's almost ten months old. So...  She might be almost full grown.


Mimi said...

Jetta sure looks more confident now! She's lucky to be part of your family :)
Nice stocking and Santa ornament!...I hope to come up with more Christmas projects. I only have the ami Santa hat and scarf, so far ;)

Tina said...

I think she is definitely more comfortable with us all now. Except she still growls and whines when my husband gets home from work. But she still wants him to play with her.. She's strange.. :P

You come up with the cutest ideas, Mimi! :)