Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Blog Post.. :P

I went to JoAnns a while ago to look for yarn for my swap partner. (Which, they didn't have and I ended up ordering it online... It still isn't here. Sigh.. ) Anyway, they had some super cute ornamnents. Like this red mitten. I thought, "I could totally make that." (Maybe... lol)  I think it was $8.99. It was probably half off or something. But still.  (Can anyone see the price on the tag?..)

Here is a white one.. It looks like the embroidered stitches are all loose... (Which might be why no one bought it...)  

Look, Our Dog Has Talent!... :P  She can play Monopoly. (Not really.) She kept puting her paws on the board, so we moved the game to the kitchen table. (It's still there, too... It's an ongoing game. :P) 


paula said...

I have always said that when Joanne's has a sale, then their items are closer to the right price.

I'll bet you could find those little $1, stretch to fit, floves and do an embroidered snowflake and they would look just as cute, and a whole lot cheaper.

Tina said...

I know, right; Paula? ;)