Friday, November 18, 2011

A Fur Baby Giveaway..

Paula of Crochet and Cross Stitch Pattern Slut fame, is having a Contest/Giveaway today!!  If you have a fur baby, or know someone who does that would love a fur baby stocking, go enter to win! :D  I probably shouldn't have entered, but... What the Hey..    I have been wanting to crochet that stocking anyway so if I don't win I still can. :P   Since this post is about fur babies, I thought I would share more pictures of our Talented Monopoly Playing Dog, Jetta... ;)    Did you think I was giving *my* fur baby away, from the title of my blog post? :P  I guess it does sound that way. But, no... I think we'll keep her. ;P

I think she would have tried to climb right up on the table if she could.   Do you like our Monopoly pieces? :P  Lego stormtrooper and horse?  :P 

Look at that cute face :)

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paula said...

She is SO CUTE!