Sunday, November 06, 2011

My First Sewing Project

...with my new sewing machine, that is.  :)  I finally watched the DVD and figured out how to thread my machine. That's the hardest part for me. (Well besides getting frustrated so easily when something goes wrong with sewing...)  I finished a set of pillowcases. We have been needing pillowcases, badly. We only had about one set. So every time I would change the sheets; I would have to wash the old ones, so I could use the pillowcases again.  Well I got an email from my husbands' Aunt, telling me how to sew a pillowcase. She said you can use old sheets. Well, I have some of those (thank goodness for saving everything, lol..)  These are from a Full size sheet set I think (I'm almost positive) I had in high school.  When we got married, we got a bigger mattress than a full size. So I hadn't used the sheets in forever.  But they came in handy for fabric for pillowcases.  :)

Here is the new one, with the old pillowcase on the bottom. You can see how threadbare it is. (I will still probably keep it, though, until it rips and falls apart, lol...)    

I still have lots of other old sheets I can use; since we still need more pillowcases. I am going to cut fabric out for one for Eon next.  I also got some black fabric to make a pillowcase for Eli for Christmas (hopefully).  Using this video.  :)  I want to get some black and white print fabric for the edging, and plain white for the little strip.    I wanted to make an Angry Birds pillowcase for Eon, but I can't find any fabric for that anywhere. So... I might just have to make a colorful, kids pillowcase for him. :)  

Oh, to sew the basic pillowcases here; I cut out two pieces 40x32 inches. Then with wrong side facing you, fold down an edge 2 1/2 inches wide; pin, and sew along the long edge of fabric. (This is the pillowcase opening.) Then with wrong sides together, sew the long seam- then the short seam.  That's about it. Easy Peasy. Which is about all I can handle, when it comes to sewing. :P

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