Friday, October 07, 2011

Pickled Eggs

I have been craving Pickled Eggs lately. My Grandma used to make them for the Holidays. It seemed like every Thanksgiving and Christmas, she would have huge jars of them. My Dad and Uncles were downright obnoxious about who got the first Pickled Egg. (It used to irritate me to no end..)  But I did like Pickled Eggs. At first I just ate one to make my Grandma happy. But then I would have to eat at least one every time.  She gave me her recipe for Pickled Eggs, years ago. But (can you believe it?) I have never made them. Ever. Her recipe, or any other...   I finally dug her recipe out yesterday and got some beets and vinegar to make some. But, I ended up using a different recipe (minus the extra ingredients that my Grandma's recipe didn't have..). Since my Grandma's recipe calls for three dozen eggs (I guess she would have to have a big recipe, for the whole family at holidays..)  There is no way we would eat all those. So, I used this recipe:  Pickled Eggs Recipe Simply Recipes.  Now they have to sit for a few days. (But I want one NOOOOW!!!) :P  I am going to have to find a recipe that uses like a dozen eggs. That would be about a perfect size for our family. (Especially with two boys who eat like there's no tomorrow..)


paula said...

If you don't hear from me soon remind me . . I have Mom and Dad's recipe for Pickled eggs . . enough for the 4 of us to make us happy.

Sometimes I couldn't decide if I liked the eggs or the onions the b est . . and the beets weren't to bad either.

At our grocery in Indiana, they sold the eggs at the deli counter. I felt so stupid buying oine or two at the cost, but I knew I could never eat a whole dozen by myself.

Tina said...

Thank you, Paula! Next time I make some I want to get some of those little pearl onions. That would be even yummier, don't you think? :)

Mimi said...

I've never thought of making pickled eggs at home...we pickled sour fruits like green mangoes, kamias and santol, green papaya - since that's what we normally have here. Then we usually buy pickled cucumbers. The recipes for pickles are so simple, I think I'll try some. Thanks for sharing!