Thursday, October 13, 2011

#2 of 7 Christmas Stockings is Done

Okay. Would it be "is" done, or "are" done?  Whatever..   :P  I finished this today. It's the Lion Brand site's "Holiday Cheer" Stocking pattern.  I am going to give this one to my brother. I figured I will get all the "gift" stockings done first, then I won't stress out so much about finishing ours.. (I won't have to hurry and ship them last minute, either.)  I am thinking about crocheting one for his puppy, too. (Max is the 5th picture down, so you don't have to read through the whole blog post.. :P ) He LOVES that dog. I have a bunch of ideas of what to put in Max's stocking. But only a couple ideas of what to put in my brothers'.  (What do you get the guy who has everything? Or can buy it, if he doesn't have it?...) 

I made some more Pickled Eggs. Apparently the last jar I made was just a little appetizer. :P  NONE of the kids like them, either. I sent a picture to the 19 yr old, and he said "YUCK"...  (So it's not like we all only got one, folks...) I did have two. So you can guess who ate the rest.  I used little cocktail onions for this batch. And doubled the recipe I used last time.  The cocktail onions are yummy! I am NOT an onion eater. I mean, I like onions. But to eat a plain onion? No way.. (My Dad will eat an onion just like it's an apple!)  But I love cocktail onions. (They are basically pearl onions in vinegar, so kind of like Pickled Onions?...)  You can see them floating on the top of the liquid.

It's a Monster! Ha ha...  The kids try on all the Halloween masks every time we go to the store. 

I have so many pictures of Eon with a mask on.  :P  You can see the little kid behind Eon is putting a mask on, too....   (This is probably one of the ways they get sick, so much.)  :/  

I thought I would post a picture of the sky one evening. There was snow on the mountain, and the sky was purple, with the moon...  This picture doesn't do it justice. The mountain looks much bigger in real life. And the sky was so beautiful...  But, I thought I would share it anyway.  :) 

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