Saturday, October 29, 2011

#4 of 8 is Done...

I know, it was only 7~~ but the number keeps growing. I figured I was going to make one for my Step-Mom, so now it is 8. But I just remembered, I also joined the Stocking Stuffer Swap at Crochetville. So it actually is #4 of 9.  This is Eons' Custom Made "Red with black stocking"..   I used black boucle yarn for the cuff part. The picture is kind of dark.  I kind of combined two stocking patterns for this one. I started out with the Holiday Cheer Stocking, but only chained as many as the Stocking Bells Christmas Stocking pattern. (Both are from the Lion Brand Yarn site). I also did this one in rows, not rounds. (Like the Stocking Bells pattern.)  I probably confused things more but I wasn't sure if the heel and toe were done differently. Oh well. :P     
I am currently on Stocking #5, same red with white cuff thing. I'm almost to the heel part. If I keep going at this rate, I will get them all done with no stress.    There's only 56 more days until Christmas.   :D   Do you have all your shopping done? I sure don't!! I so far only have one thing for both boys, one thing for the puppy (an Angry Birds squeaky toy ball).   Which reminds me, I should probably make a stocking for Jetta, too...  So that makes 10 stockings. Ugh. (Sigh...)  Maybe I will buy her one, at the Dollar Store. LOL

Look what I got in the mail this week!! Three squares, and a potholder! From Lovin2Crochet. Thank you so much, Carole!! I just love the Teddy Bear Squares.  And the potholder is so cute.  Thanks Carole.   I have been trying to get some squares done, in between crocheting stockings. It's hard for me to not get sidetracked...  There is a Gingerbread House CAL going on, too. I have been wanting to crochet a Gingerbread House forever. And there's finally a free pattern for one. Sigh...    Too much to crochet, not enough time. :(   I also might finish Eons' Snuggie. I don't know if I should even bother?...  He had been saying forever that he wants a snuggie.  Every time I ask him (I just did :P) he says he still wants it. So. That's another thing I have to finish before Christmas.  :)   The snuggie is easy enough. It's actually just boring...  I should get it out and see how much I have done so far.  It should go quick.   Then that will be two gifts for Eon. :P   (Do you want to know what I got them? :D)  Okay, I'll tell you. Cuz my kids don't read my blog. (Unless they are standing right behind me.)  I got Eli an AC/DC throw plush blanket (he loves AC/DC). And he needs a blanket.   And I got Eon a Darth Vader Lego Alarm Clock.  :P   That's it so far... 

Last week was "Say No To Drugs" Week at Eons' school. Monday was Crazy Hat Day, Tuesday was Crazy Socks...  I forget which day this was. Pajama Day.  (I always wonder if kids wear the Pajamas they slept in.) Eon did not sleep in these, lol! He had the Spongebob PJ pants, and I went and got him the T-shirt- so he would have "matching" Pajamas.  So now he has a new T-shirt, too.  :)    And he has a Spongebob hat...   No he doesn't like Spongebob. Why do you ask?....  :P

And, here is a cookie that Eon made for his teacher....   He wanted to make Sugar Cookies this weekend. I was going to start them Sunday, but they had to refrigerate for two hours. And it was already like 8 pm. So I said I would do them while he was in school Monday, and we could make them tomorrow night. Well Monday my husband had off work, and we ended up going shopping (early birthday present for me :D).  So I had to do the cookies after dinner. Oh well.  They got done.  :P  (The cookie is a Pumpkin. With chocolate frosting and sprinkles, and pink sugar. LOL)  :P

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