Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I finished another shrug. This is the fifth one I have made. I think I might take a break from shrugs for a while.

I made the navy blue one (a couple posts back) for a girl I send things to on PR. I had asked if she would want one, and what color. But then I just made her the navy blue one, since it had been about a month, and no answer. Well about a week after I mailed the shrug to them, the Grandma wrote me and said she would like one, in light blue. Oh well. My own fault.  :)

I have been making cards (and envelopes), for the card swap in October.  I signed up for four. So, I am done making cards for that... I made two of the Pumpkin cards, this one, and the next one.. 

Nothing special. I just made it up. I'm kind of embarrassed to use it. Maybe I will save it, to send to a child...  I don't know.  

I was thinking about making some pillowcases. I really need some. Plus, I wanted to make some fun ones for the kids. I really need to figure out how to use my sewing machine. (Sigh..)  I found this video on how to make a simple pillowcase. She makes it look simple, but I know I would mess it up. :P    Well Happy Tuesday, everyone. :P  I hope you have a great day.  <3


Summerysmile said...

The shrugs are super cute! What is the name of the pattern you used?

paula said...

I like the bottom one, it makes me smile.

Tina said...

Summerysmile, the shrug is the "Simple Shrug" from Crochet World, Dec 2010. :)

Thanks, Paula. :)