Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pansy Doily

An old, old UFO that I forgot I had.... I was looking through my thread cupboard (?) for (I forget what?) something, and found this. I had 7 or 8 pansies and the doily done. I thought, I should just finish this and be done with it. I started it for my Mom. I think I already mentioned that, eh... Well there was a Doily CAL at CrochetMania, so I joined up so I could finish this. (Not that I needed to join a CAL, to finish it, but... they're kinda fun. :P)
It feels good to get an old UFO done. I think it's pretty too. I don't know if it would work as a bowl cover (what I originally started it for, in one of my old posts...), but... My Mom loves flowers, and doilies, too. So she will probably like it. You can find the pattern HERE.
Now back to my regularly scheduled crocheting.... ;)


Mimi said...

Its absolutely pretty, Tina!
I think it would work nicely as a bowl cover if you add beads at the edge or on the flowers. As a doily, it's perfect :)

ladyr said...

Hallo!The crochet pansies are adorable! Is it you pattern? :)

Lucy said...

Is that ever pretty!!!!

Tina said...

Thank you all. Ladyr, I added the link to the pattern in my blog post. It was in one of my old posts; but I thought I would add it here, too. :)