Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm SO Happy!!!! ~ I Went To The Dentist...

Usually, for me; even thinking about going to the dentist would be an anxiety attack waiting to happen!!~~ After my last trip.... (Ugh...) But yesterday, I didn't have ANY cavities, and he said they all look great! Woo Hoo! I must be doing something right. (Wearing my nightguard every night, so I don't grind my teeth, and flossing every day?) Yay, me... Plus, I haven't been eating candy or gum (at all) like I used to. Or chewing ice cubes. Maybe it has all made a difference, too. In all my excitement, I crocheted a tooth! :P You can find the pattern here. I know, I'm such a dork! :P

RIP Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. I was shocked to hear about both of them. And I did hear about both of them, at the same time; too. We were driving home from the dentist, listening to the radio. It wasn't up very loud; and I said, 'Did he just say Michael Jackson is dead?' I was never a huge fan. I mean, I liked him when he was popular (I was a kid), when 'Thriller' and 'Billie Jean' and all that came out. But still, it's sad.
I hope everyone is having a good week; and has a great weekend coming up. :)


Mimi said...

I'm glad to know of your successful visit to the dentist...nothing like expressing joy by crocheting a tooth :D
I was watching CNN on the latest updates yesterday, it is indeed very sad to see MJ and FF leave the world too soon...

Sandy said...

Your tooth is adorable! Think that would be a really good item to help kids over the fear of going to the dentist.

I wasn't a fan of MJ either, really don't understand how they've made him larger than life in the media.

Popping in to say hi to all the Bridge members, we've got some news about special summer needs, goals, new design etc. Pop in to catch up. Besides, it gets lonely there when no one comes to visit.

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