Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Green Cats: Dreams, Dogs, and Dishcloths...

I had a strange dream the other night, that we got a (mint) green, super fluffy cat. (It didn't have stripes like this one. :P) I got it from my sister; who didn't want/couldn't take care of it anymore (kind of like she didn't want Sierra anymore, maybe?). So we took it and it was going to be our twelve year olds' cat. Well the next morning, I got up and the cat walked into the kitchen. I said, 'Hi Kitty'. Then looked at our son and '(Gasp) Where has this cat been going to the bathroom at?! I have to get it a litter box!' 'And food. And a dish...' (Duh...) What a weird dream. I don't know where that came from. I forget if that was the night I took a muscle relaxer, or not... :P

I think Koda is getting a little better. (Maybe I am just not so stressed out about it anymore?) A couple of times I have said 'No', and he hung his head down like, 'Awwww, ma...' It was so cute. Then he does this thing with his lip. We call it 'The Elvis Thing'. 'Look, he's doing the Elvis thing! Come look!' :P He was doing it here in this picture (you can't see it very good from up top, it's the right side.) What a goofball. :P
He really stinks. He needs another bath. (Sigh...) Maybe it's time to let one of the older kids do it. And here are a couple of dishcloths I finished recently. The diamond one I've made before. The ballband one is one I have been wanting to try for a while now. It is super easy I don't know what I was afraid of. I like it. Same yarn used for both of these. The diamond blue var. looks brighter. Weird. :P

I am on the sleeve edging of my romantic shrug. Yay... Then on to the body edging, and I will be done. Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

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