Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dishcloth Tuesdays!

....and Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays.... :P I have been in the Dishcloth Tuesdays CAL over at Crochetville for a while now. Dishcloths are something I always like working on. Especially knitting. These two are knitted. The ballband dishcloth pattern I just recently tried. The red and green variegated is for my friend in Colorado. We went there this weekend for a weekend trip. I was on about the third band of 'bricks' and she said it was really cool. (The blue one was done, too. But she liked the other one better.) So I am going to send it to her. (With some other stuff.) I will probably be making more of these, and others. The CAL/KAL/SAL for this month at Crafting fo a Cause is dishcloths/hotpads/towels.

Here is one I started for my sister while I was in Michigan. It goes with her colors in her kitchen just about perfectly. I thought it was really nice but now next to the ballband ones I don't like it so much. I will probably do one in knitting, too. I ran out of cotton for it. It's funny, because I bought the pattern and cotton for it while I was in Michigan. Brought it home and couldn't finish it cuz I ran out. While I was in Colorado, I bought more; and finished it back home. :P I can't remember the name of the book it was in. But I am pretty sure it was on the Bernat site. Maybe not. I remember seeing it somewhere. It is on their site. Dishcloth You will need to be a member, but it is free. :)
I will have dishcloths going all over the country.... Colorado, Michigan, South Dakota. :P
I am almost halfway through the body edging on my romantic shrug! I am ** this close. I took it with me to work on while driving; until I couldn't do it anymore. I thought I would have more time to work on it while there, but.... (no waa- aaay....) :P I also started another shrug, the SSShrug. (That's Simply Striped Shrug.) Hmmm, I should have posted a picture of it here. It is on my ravelry notebook, if anyone is interested. :)

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Mr Mrs Crafty RVing said...

I'm just know seeing your comment on my blog and I was like I don't know a Tina. And so I decided to check out your site - HOLLY COW your flipping good.... So I'll be following your blog and sure looking forward learnin from you... mr_mrs_crafty_rving@yahoo.com is my personal email address!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!