Monday, July 20, 2009

I Got a Dozen Roses... :)

(and a card) Today is my and my husbands 17th anniversary! :) We usually don't do much. I might get him a card (if I have money, which... I never do...) This one he got me a card and roses. How sweet. Sometimes we go out to dinner. There isn't anywhere nice to go out to dinner to, around here. Well, they did just open a new restaraunt, Tommasina's: an Italian restaraunt. I heard it was expensive, so that would be somewhere to go for an anniversary. But, we probably won't do anything. I read online that for the 17th anniversary you are supposed to get a furniture item for a gift. (Who comes up with these?) I thought it was kind of funny though so I thought I'd write it here.


Susan said...

Tina & Hubby!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love your roses.
I remember 3 years ago, Paul bought and palnted 3 rose bushes for me. Then said, " Now You Will Have Roses All of the time. " :-) I believe I have a picture of our rose garden and our porch on my blog.

I have no idea who comes up with those things about what you should get for certain anniversaries. Our next anniversary will be our 32. What does it say you get for that one?


~ Susan

Tina said...

Thanks Susan. I found that site by googling 'Anniversary clip art' (before I knew my husband was going to bring home roses for me :P) I would be interested to find out what they all are. Maybe I'll google it sometime this week when I have more time. :)

Tina said...

Oh, and thank you! :)

Mimi said...

Happy Anniversary, Tina! The flowers are lovely :D

Tina said...

Thank you, Mimi. I love red roses. I wish they would stay like this. :)

Yarnjeannie said...

Happy Anniversary!