Friday, July 31, 2009

Cookies and Coloring

My husband made the comment the other day, that I haven't been baking very much lately; no cookies or muffins... 'Gee, I wonder why? It's only 112 out...' I said. Can you believe the nerve of him!? ;) He said 'Yeah but we have air' Ugh... he got me. Soooo.... guess what I have been doing a lot this week? Baking. In the 112 degree weather. First, I made some French Breakfast Puffs. (A picture I took of some I made before...) Those didn't even last 24 hours. I had to save two for the 17 yr old, and two for my husband, with little notes 'Do Not Eat These Evan's Muffins', and so on... :P (Serious!) My husband said the next day, 'Those are my favorite muffins.' Then, I made some brownies. Those lasted a little less than 24 hours. (I didn't get any comment on those, except from the six year old, he loves everything! :P) Today I made these. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. We'll see how long these last. I couldn't find the exact recipe online, but this one is exactly the same (I added one cup of raisins): Famous Oatmeal Cookies. The 17 year old came in the kitchen while I was baking them and said, 'It smells like a coffee shop in here.' :0 I guess that is a compliment, especially when it is coming from a teenager who hates me.

Yesterday I made (okay, suggested) my six year old write a thank you letter (he likes doing it, sometimes...) to his Aunt who sent him a box of (her son's old, but...) clothes. One of the shirts is just like one he already has. (But, in a size bigger, which is awesome! It will fit him later.) Anyway; I said, "That was nice of her to send you the clothes. Do you want to write her a little note to say thanks? Or draw her a picture?" Well, he did both! I thought the picture he drew was so cute, I scanned it and sent it to everyone. ;P
He said it's "Bing, bing, bing; Ricochet Rabbit". "He's in the tall grass and he's hungry. He's thinking about a carrot." Those two little round things are his paws. LOL I think it's so cute.


Yarnjeannie said...

Oh, gosh! I haven't thought about Ricochet Rabbit in ages! He's still on TV? Very nice picture - please give my compliments to the artist!

The goodies you baked look yummy!

Tina said...

I know, I didn't realize (I googled) how old that cartoon is. It's on Boomerang, now. I will give your compliments to the artist. ;) Thank the cookies are yummy. I shouldn't eat anymore. (Yikes...) :P

Susan said...

Hi Chef Tina! ;-)

So you like cooking / baking in 112 degree weather? The things we do for love. :-) I'm sure it was all good. It sure looks good. BUt what is in the breakfast pastries?

~ Susan

Tina said...

Hi Susan. No, I don't like baking in the heat! But, we have air conditioning... Do you mean the muffins? They are just muffins, then you roll them in butter and a cinnamon sugar mix. They taste like cinnamon donuts, hot out of the oven. :P That link should have another link for a recipe.

Mimi said...

How time flies Tina! When you started your blog, Eon was just a toddler…now he’s making his own art that you can show here as well ;)
(I think boys are naturally good at drawing, both my sons were like that too when they were small...)

Your baked goodies all look and sound yummy (I’m sure they taste and smell good too)! I would love to bake occasionally, but I hate my old, semi-retired oven :p

Tina said...

Hi Mimi :) I know, I remember posting pictures our now twelve year old did when he was younger. (Makes me feel old).

Thanks~ I am trying not to eat too many of them. I hate our cook top. It's one of the flat electric, it doesn't work well at all with our pans. But the ovens still work all right. :)

RusticOkie said...

Too Funny, I'm always saying I don't want to cook because its so hot but the air conditioning argument wins every time.

Those cookies look good, ugh I am never going to stick with this diet.

DebsCrafts said...

You need to teach him how to bake his own cookies. LOL

Tina said...

Sorry about your diet RusticOkie. (Mine, too-- I need to stop baking this stuff!)

He does know how to make cookies, they are really good; too. (Once in a blue moon will he bake, though..) He knew how to cook before we even met (bonus). :P