Wednesday, April 01, 2009

French Breakfast Puffs (muffins)

Yummy!! I made these tonight. I was in the mood to make muffins again. I didn't have any butter though, to make the poundcake muffins I had in mind. Then I thought of these I used to make when were poor and had NO money at all. We always had cinnamon and sugar, though. And butter... Anyway they are the yummiest. They taste like a cinnamon sugar donut. (Best eaten right out of the oven.) Well after I got the recipe out, I realized these use butter, too. (But I went to the store and got some.) I used a recipe in an old cookbook I have, but it is IDENTICAL to this one. And probably a million calories each. UGH. Well I am glad I took a picture of them, because they are already gone. They didn't even last one day. I am going to have to start hording food. :P Hiding it in the freezer, or something. I can't keep up.

I got ten new dishcloth patterns at the digknitty designs site. Today was the last day for the 'Buy Five, Get Five' sale. So I went and got some, I couldn't pass it up. I got two different snowman ones, a snowflakes one, blueberry muffin (which got me in the mood to make muffins, by the way :P), gingerbread love, cardinal, Amish Horse & buggy (because I am obssessed with Amish people, LOL~ not really, but I used to be), Gone Fishin' one (I had my Dad in mind for this one, although I don't think he does the dishes much any more~~ although he might be, now that he is retired....), and a sunflower one. I am trying *desperately* hard to finish the second sock I started though. I am past the gusset and all the decreases, now I am on straight knitting for the foot part. I only have about an inch and a half left of that; then the toe decreases. I couldn't even pick that sock up for about two weeks, I think. I must have gotten some motivation (somehow) to finish it, today. The only thing I have been in the mood to do lately is dishcloths.

In other non-yarn-related-news, my tree has leaves budding!! I am so happy! It looked so dead when we first moved in here. A couple of the other trees don't look so hot (maybe they will bud & bloom later?), I haven't looked at the trees in the back yard yet... But this one is my favorite. I don't know why. I just got attached to it. Weird, I know. I guess it did have leaves on it, but only on the one side. Well the leaves are budding all over. So that's good. Well that is all for now. Two posts in one day. Wow. And we don't have cable today. (Cancelled the company we had; to go with a new *hopefully* better one...) The kids have been going through their movies, and must be loving it; because they are on their second one today. (Shrek, and now Flushed Away.) :P Oh, to be a kid again... ;)


Mimi said...

Hmm...cinnamon is my favorite spice! I only avoid breads because my stomach feels so much heavier with it.
That is so funny, its all gone so fast! You could freeze some it next time ;)
Is that the walnut tree you posted before?

Tina said...

Yes, that is the walnut (or what I think is a walnut) tree.

I have not been eating breads or flour (things made with flour) much, either; because it upsets my stomach. Well, I should say I have been trying not to. (I have been eating too much of it lately.) I can't pass up muffins (or scones!) once in a while, though. :P