Friday, April 24, 2009

Horseback Riding

We got invited to someone's house a couple weeks ago to see their horses. They have seven. It was so neat. All the horses had their own personality, you could tell almost right away.
We got to ride one of them. He is 30 years old, and was a trail horse. So he is really good with kids, and people who are afraid; cars passing by, etc... Our six year old got to ride him,even. (I think he was a little bit afraid. Even though he said he wasn't, he acted like he was...) :P This isn't the horse we rode, this is a younger horse.

These two are yearlings and are half sisters. (And inseparable, in case you couldn't tell from the picture :P) The one (one on the left, I believe) was SO sweet and lovable. She just wanted to give you kisses and be by you all the time. It had been YEARS since I have gone horseback riding. Even though I only went around the (? what is that thing called ?) a couple of times, it was still so much fun. She said we could come back anytime.
I knitted her a horse dishcloth as a way to say thank you. (I have a thank you card I am going to give her, too.) I am thinking about mailing it to her; but I don't know yet. It was from knitting pattern central: Giddy-Up Horse Cloth


Mimi said...

The horses look so good and charming...we have only one horse, and she's not really pretty and I'm afraid to get so close to her.

Tina said...

I was a little afraid of some of the horses, but the one yearling was so lovable, we just stayed by her. And the one we got to ride. Thanks Mimi for stopping by. :)