Friday, July 10, 2009

Goodbye, Koda :(

I took Koda back to the Animal Shelter today. :( I didn't want to, and I probably wouldn't have if my husband hadn't insisted. But maybe it was for the best. He wouldn't listen to us. And it seemed like he was getting worse, not better. I took this picture of him this morning. He will be four months old next week. The woman behind the counter asked me if I signed up for the free training classes they offered. (No, because after calling the number forty times and finally getting someone on the phone; she said--after a whole life story of all the dogs she has ever owned-- the next classes aren't til this fall. But, I did read Cesar Millan's books, and about three different training sites online....) I don't know if training courses would have helped him, or not. When the girl came to get him, he bit her. All she tried to do was pet him. :( (Maybe they will see why I brought him back, for theirselves; later...) Then she went to get the muzzle and he wouldn't let her get close to him. I picked him up and carried him to the back room. I hope someone (with no kids/ who knows how to handle a dog like him) good will adopt him. We had a rottweiler/black lab mix puppy who was like him, and wouldn't listen. We had to ultimately have him put to sleep. We didn't want to wait until Koda bit Eon-- like Buddy bit Eli..... It has been a hard, hard day.... :(


Mimi said...

Oh, that's sad :( I thought it was going to be alright, but seems you didn't have much choice, Tina...
I hope you get a really friendly kind of dog next time.

Sandy said...

Sounds like this dog needs a home without children. It's too risky to have a difficult dog, potential for biting etc when small children are involved. The kids must come first. If however, he went to a home with someone with lots of time and ability on their hands, things might improve.

You shouldn't beat yourself up, sometimes there is no way out.

Popping in to say hi to all the Bridge members, we've got some news about special summer needs, goals, new design etc. Pop in to catch up. Besides, it gets lonely there when no one comes to visit.

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