Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some Old Stuff I Never Posted About Yet...

... But took pictures of. This is a card I sent to my 'Gettin' Scrappy' Swap partner, Stacy. It was actually a card sent to me/ made by one of my swap partners in a Secret Pal swap I was in, when we lived in Colorado. (Kelle) She crocheted the flowers and tacked them on there. She sent me four, I think. Well I wrote 'hello....' for the stem, and drew a leaf. Then added the strip on the side... Not the best at card making. But.

Then, these are some cat toys I made to send out with an RAOK package that I sent out last week. I don't think she's gotten it yet. But she doesn't know she's getting it, either. (And I highly doubt she reads my blog, anyway.) The fish is from 'Mad About Scraps'. The catnip mice are from WendyKnits. (And, are knitted.)

When I was staying at my sister's while I was in Michigan, they made the comment that they should get their cat some more toys. So I was thinking about making one or both of these for Oliver. :) (Phone Pic) Well, woops! I guess I did blog about these toys. Back when I made them. Sorry bout that. :P


Beansieleigh said...

LOVE the little goldfish!!! How CUTE is HE?!! I've been wanting to do some catnip mice for my cats one of these days, but was hoping to grow my own catnip. Haven't even planted it yet!!.. A nice idea, but I may just have to buy some instead!

Tina said...

I got mine at WalMart, for $2 something. Thanks for stopping by. :)