Saturday, December 06, 2008

WIPs.... Help... I'm Drowning in Them!

I am starting a bunch of new projects and that's BAD! I think I am *justifying* it; because I just finished that HUGE afghan, and am almost done with the baby ghan in my last post (need to get more yarn to finish it though...) When we went to WalMart here last night..... ugh.... Their yarn selection (and just about everything ELSE) SUCKS!!!! ~_~ grrr So I couldn't get any more yarn to work on it yesterday (even though I was on a roll...). So, I started something else (instead of finishing or working on other projects I already have going...). I am making a baby hat. (Almost done with it, too.) I will probably make these mitts to go with the hat. And some booties. Don't know which ones yet.... I joined the Hat, Mittens and Scarf CAL at Crochetville. I want to make the same hat and scarf as I did in this post. I couldn't remember what the hat was (why do I blog?) After looking through a bunch of hat patterns at CPC, I found which one it was...... So, I am posting it here for reference: Durango Hat and Shelly Scarf. I also love the One Skein Scarf. Jana sent me one last year for a giftie and I wear it all the time. (Well, when it's cold enough...) AND, I am making some leg warmers. I am halfway done with that (have one done :P). I'll send it to PR, so it will be for a good cause. I think they are for a little girl. I tried putting them on our six year old, with his jeans on, and they were tight. (Maybe for a little girl with tights on, though they will be just right)... I tried putting them on my leg (ha) I could only get it on my ankle. If you ever try that pattern, I think that what she meant by two hooks was, (she didn't state exactly) use a bigger hook for the hdc part, and a smaller hook for the sc part. Not sure if it is an I hook and an H hook, or what. That's probably what I would use next time. I just used an I hook this time. Halfway through it, it hit me, 'oh... use a bigger hook for the slouchy part...' oh well. I don't know why I start new projects I just make myself feel more scatterbrained than usual.... (sigh). I saw a cute bear hug scarf that I want to try too. I saw a bear hat *somewhere* that would go with that... A snake scarf. And then there's this hooded scarf that I have been wanting to make for years... I should make one for my Mom. She is having gall bladder surgery next week. (I know; I won't be able to finish the scarf, box it up, mail it, and have it get to her by then, but...) It should go well but I know she is worried. (She has never been 'cut open', as she says...) I have had three C-sections so maybe that's why I don't think it is a huge deal. Although I am worried, for her; too. Anything could go wrong. And I know if you go into something being anxious it will make everything worse than it would have been. Maybe I should send her some of my anxiety pills.... Anyway~~~ Well have a nice day everyone. Maybe by next time, I'll have that baby afghan done. :)

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