Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rooster Lid Grabber/Hot Pad

I finally got around to making one; yesterday... Here it is below the original. Mine came out about a half an inch smaller than the original. Next time I'll go up a hook size. I am sending this one to my Aunt who writes me. She crochets, too. But I think she would love to get something someone else crocheted for her, too.
Here it is on the casserole dish. It's so hard to get good lighting in here. I haven't seen any patterns online or in any book or magazine, for this hotpad. But I know that Cupcake has some similar ones in her etsy store. One is a chicken. :)
We had a 'Winter Storm Warning/Watch' here yesterday (it actually snowed, so everyone freaked out)... I had an appointment to get the kids' pictures done. (GRRRR!!!!) And, an appointment for our youngest son at the dentist. I didn't know it at the time but the mountain pass was closed, anyway. But I rescheduled both the appointments. SOOOOOOO irritating. Now we have to wait til the end of the month to do it. Hopefully all the holiday shopping madness will be over with by then (doubt it...) and it won't be so busy everywhere by then. Oh well. It did snow a little here, but it turned to rain. Not enough for the kids to go out and make a snowman with or anything like 'old times'.... :( Well I hope everyone has a good day.


Anonymous said...

sorry about the confusion. Got it right now. This is so nice and useful. I think my sister needs one of these.

Tina said...

No problemo. :P I don't really have a pattern for this particular hotpad since I am not sure if there is an existing pattern out there/copyright laws, etc... But I did add a link to someone's etsy store that has similar types of lid grabber/hot pads. HTH :)