Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Fragrant Frock and Magic Yarn Balls

I just had to make one of these cute fragrant frocks Cupcake shared her pattern of... I need to get some potpourri or fragrance beads to put in. I have some mesh stuff, somewhere. You could put these on a hanger or in a drawer; or hang on a knob, or hanger loop in a bathroom cupboard... They're so cute.
And out of boredom, I took a picture of all my scrap yarn "Magic Yarn Balls". I have been saving any length of yarn when I am done with any project, if there is any significant length I tie it on to the end.... The two on the top are just whatever colors. The one on the bottom left is supposed to be greens only. I must have been tired or not paying attention when I tied that blue on there. The one on the bottom right is reds and pinks. I also put a couple plums in there. I think it will take forever and a day for these to get big enough to make anything with. But, hey.... it's something to do.
I finished a whole pair of mittens and hat for PR. I think I'll make a snake scarf to go with it. I also am about halfway done with a cupcake scarf. And almost done with the teddy bear hugs scarf. Kind of confused about the pink ear/paw part but I will figure it out... Another thing I started is a pair of socks for me, with yarn my slipper swap partner sent me. It is so yummy. I figured I won't even take a picture til they are done. I realized that metal dpns hurt my hands. :( I forgot I had bought some bamboo ones~ which seem to work out better. But I don't have any in the size I am working on my socks with. So I will just have to suck it up and finish them. Well that's all for now.


Cherri said...

Cute frock, Tina. Hey, what do you do with those magic balls? What about all the ends when you're crocheting. I've heard of them but haven't a clue how to use them. LOL!
Hugs, Cherri

Lucy said...

Love the sachet...I may have to make that one. Thanks for sharing.

Tina said...

Cheri, I haven't actually made anything with them yet. I guess you work over them. Some people just let them hang out for something different. If you go onto Crochetville and type in magic yarn ball in 'search' up at the top, you will see all kinds of things people have made with them: purses, potholders, afghans... :)

Thanks Lucy! It works up real quick, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Love those MB's. I have a few saved up and going to start chaining them soon. Love the little dress bag.