Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Progress... And Flavored Coffee

on my Spideyghan. I waited til daytime to take a good picture of it, and it still turned out bad.... (sigh) You can see how far I've gotten though. I love making this thing. I am totally, officially addicted to round ripples. :p

I (ahem) also started another afghan last night. :0 It will go fast, though. I am finally making the Noah's Ark afghan from that one Crochet magazine. Sorry~ I am totally not remembering what one... I ordered the e-magazine, and now I can't find it anywhere on my computer, to even give you a link. Anyway. It is for my latest, newest nephew. I already made him two sweater sets, a ball, and sent a lot of money to go in on a camcorder. But, I told/showed my Mom the afghan, and every time I talk to her she asks me if I started it yet. (Sigh....) It is pretty cute though, and it is my baby sisters' baby~ and the first of my sisters to have kids. So I am entitled to spoil her with gifts... :-D She has to go back to work next Monday. :( I hated that, when I had my babies. I was fortunate enough to not have to go back, right away, anyway. Our oldest was a year old when I went back to work (part time, it wasn't too bad, and my Mom watched him & I paid her). Our middle son was 7 months old. :( Our youngest, was almost five. Now I am not working again. I kind of miss not having that extra little spending money..... but, my husband gives me money every now and then. (Or, I will just put things in the grocery cart at the store...) :-D "I don't know how that got there. It just jumped off the shelf..."

Is anyone else addicted to flavored coffee cream? I have been getting really bad, now that they have all these new yummy flavors out there!! I only drink the powdered stuff. Call me weird, but I am super picky about weird things... (The liquid cools it off too much, it doesn't have as much *flavor* as the powdered CoffeeMate does, IMO...) I like 'Italian Sweet Creme' as of lately. I have gotten peppermint mocha before, too. If they don't have anything else, I will get hazelnut biscotti. I love them all. Well anyway the other day I was making some coffee in the afternoon (flavored creamer time) and I didn't have any flavored cream left. :( I was really in the mood for it, too. Well then I thought of an old trick I used to do: Put some cocoa in the coffee filter w/ the coffee! I am talking about baking cocoa, not hot chocolate (although I have never tried that, maybe that would work, too... mix it in with your coffee after it is brewed?). Mocha coffee. Yummy! I just added regular cream as usual, and a teaspoon of sugar (I am just a cream coffee drinker). It was good.

Well I promised our middle son we would go to Game Stop today to look for this game he *has* to have. I have to drive an hour to get there, so I should be getting ready to go right now... I hope everyone stays safe and warm in this crazy weather.

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Anonymous said...

I love Hazelnut, but my absolute, all time favorite is Pralines and Cream and now we can't find it anywhere. Wah! Good work on the RR. Been a while since I have done one and I enjoyed mine also.