Friday, December 26, 2008

Granny Scrap Baby Afghan is DONE!!

After driving an hour and a half one day to JoAnns, an hour another day to Michaels, then to every WalMart around and NOT finding the yarn I needed to finish this... Then, ordering it online and paying $7.99 for ONE skein of yarn!!!! (GRRRR), waiting 13 days (not 7-10) to have it shipped, then the bag is ripped, and inside another plastic bag.... (there was a note of apology from the USPS... do you think they would give me free shipping on one item of my choice? nooooo....) After all that, I finally finished the baby afghan for the blanket drive. You would think, living where I do, there would be a good selection of yarn SOMEWHERE!!!! But not really. It's kind of discouraging. Anyway, here it is. I finished it. I haven't made a motif afghan in a long time. I was trying to think of the last one I did. I think it was my husband's anniversary afghan. Oops forgot about that baby afghan, and I know I made a comfortghan, too.... Anyway, I HATE sewing all those squares together. For this one, I did a join-as-you-go method, it made it a lot faster. Another big project off my WIP list. Yay!

I got some new flavored coffee cream~~ Vanilla Caramel. It sounded a lot better than it is, but it is still pretty good! :P

My Grandma is in the hospital again. :( This time with pneumonia! I talked to her about a week ago and she did NOT sound good. I didn't think it was pneumonia, though. She is in the ICU. I hope she will kick this. I feel so helpless so far away.... :(


Anonymous said...

Very nicely done. I looked at it in the group too but sorry, did not take the time to note.

Lucy said...

Prayers to your grandmother for a speedy recovery, Tina!!!
Beautiful finish!!!