Thursday, December 18, 2008


I know that's not all that unusual, it is December.... but not where we live! In the Mojave Desert.... We had the 'Worst winter storm' since 1979 here yesterday. (They have not *seen* a winter storm... this is nothing!! But I guess for this part of the country, it is...) It snowed, the mountain pass was closed (I had to cancel three appointments!!! GRRRR).... then melted... The kids were upset, because they wanted to build a snowman (but only succeeded in getting super muddy...) Well they were so excited when we woke up to see this outside today. They got their snowpants, coats, hats, mittens on and went out before they even ate breakfast. :P I think they miss the snow.
I guess this will get the snow part of missing home out of my system for a while, anyway... (Not that I really *missed* the snow, but...)
Oh, I meant to say that I just put my bird feeder back up since we moved here. I had it up at the other house but the pigeons were emptying it in half a day flat. (grrr) So I took it down. Well just yesterday we started seeing birds on it!! (Non-pigeon birds... :P) Just in time for all the snow. I bet the birds are freaking out here, not being used to it...


Lucy said...

The roses are adorable!!!
Snow!!! Wow...we in PA are supposed to be getting that stuff...instead we have rain and 40-50 degree temps!!! UGH!

Tina said...

Thanks Lucy. Snow is not that remarkable this time of year, but in Las Vegas.... another story. They haven't had snow like this in years... everyones' talking 'since the 70's'. So it must be record breaking news. ;P Hope the snow doesn't come your way. :)